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SACDs are the New High Fidelity Successor to the Original Compact Disc Standard

Super Audio Compact Disc.


Best Format For Consumer Satisfaction.


The Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) is an improved optical audio compact disc that offers the highest quality audio format available to consumers provided that the SACD player has the correct standard digital to audio converters installed.  The SACD utiliizes a different coding scheme for storage of the audio signal in digital form known as Direct Stream Digital, a 1-bit format that has a sample rate of 2,822,000 cycles per second as contrasted with the sample rate of 44,100 cycles per second utilized by the original digital audio compact disc standard.


  • Audio Frequency response from 5 to 100 kHz.
  • Audio Dynamic Range of up to 120 dB.
  • Single or Dual Layer Discs for storage of up to 120 minutes of audio.
  • Stereo and Multi-Channel (5.1 Surround) formats available on each disc.
  • Secure medium for purposes of DMCA.
  • Better than DVD-Audio format because of its inherently higher sampling rate.
  • Highest Fidelity Audio Disc Available in the World.